Sports Betting Secrets – How to Make Smart Bets on NBA and NHL Playoffs

sports betting

The NBA is one of the most popular sports in the country. Many sportsbooks will take wagers during the NBA playoffs and the Finals. While baseball is no longer the most popular sport in the country, it still has an incredible fan base. NHL teams also have a loyal following. During the playoffs, these teams draw in the most bets. But which sport is the best for sports betting? Read on to learn how to make smart wagers on your next game.

Futures bets

A futures bet has a certain probability of success. The larger the implied probability, the smaller the potential payout, and vice versa. The event that is being simulated will occur at a later time than the actual event. The resulting event will be settled by the time of the bet, which can be months or even years from now. Futures bets are a great way to hedge your sports betting portfolio and earn more profits.


When sports betting, moneylines are an excellent way to add profit to your strategy. While betting on moneylines can be easy, you’ll have to exercise a certain amount of skill to beat the line. It’s essential to think long-term when betting on sports. A three-way moneyline is a good example. Bettors who are confident in the team’s ability to win will often place moneylines on it.


Co-favorites in sports betting are betting odds posted by bookmakers for two teams that are equal in odds. The odds are posted on each team’s betting line and must be equal to be a legitimate bet. Usually, co-favorites will be listed alongside the favorite on the betting line. In the NBA Finals, Los Angeles is the chalk side. However, the team’s odds may be lower or higher than the other two favorites.

Circled games

Most of the sportsbooks will circle the games they feel are best to avoid betting on. In the majority of betting markets, this is usually because of major uncertainty in the contest. Injuries to key players, impending severe weather, suspensions, and other such factors can all cause these games to be circled. In addition to these factors, the sportsbooks will also limit wagering on certain games if they believe they will be affected by questionable factors.

Moneyline bets on underdogs

The difference between moneyline bets and puck line bets can be seen on the sportsbooks. The former require the underdog to win by a certain number, while moneyline bets require that the underdog win the game outright. The reason for this disparity is simple: a moneyline bet is more expensive to place than a puck line bet, so you must be willing to take a risk.

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